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Benni is co-owned  with my good mate Dawn Rose. We had been looking to import a dog to compliment both of our lines and we both admired his father Ch Combine Steward Of The Line owned by our friend Lena Wideback in Sweden. The idea being that if 'Davy' was used on a nice bitch then we would be very interested in the resulting puppies. 'Davy' was then mated to the very beautiful Tra Te E Il Mare Della Val D'aveto owned by Lena Stenius. During this time my mother was very ill with cancer so Dawn went over alone to pick our puppy and she made a brilliant choice. Benni  is an absolute delight, full of life and up for anything. He splits his time between his Northampton 'city' residence and his Scottish country abode. Wherever Benni goes he makes a positive impact.
Dawn and I are extremely proud of this young dog as he not only gives us loads of pleasure in the show ring but he is a great shooting companion displaying a sensible head whilst picking up. 
He produces the most adorable puppies who are mostly  clones of himself and so far the health results from his progeny are looking very promising. 
Dawn and I confidently offer Benni as a patient and very efficient stud to approved bitches.

Gildas Amori Infiniti  (Imp Sweden) SGWC: Males
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