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Kaliture Red Pepper x Gaytonwood Pinar Del Rio

DOB 18/2/2019

DNA hereditary Clear GR_PRA 1 & 2

Hips 4:7

Elbows 0:0

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye scheme Clear 26/6/2020


Shot came to me from my great friend Dawn. The idea being that Flynn was now 10 and I needed an understudy following on in his paw prints. She was left  to enjoy her puppyhood as she was very giddy and training her may well have blown her brain. So, at 16 months she started her formal training and boy is she clever and sneaky with it! At the time of writing this we are taking the training at a quiet pace as there's no rush, but I'm delighted with her progress.

Shot Jan 22.JPG
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